Water quota token

Based on the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain

Ecological and financial security of the future. We take care of tomorrow's clear water.

The ICO will start:


Water as a raw material. Clean water as a harder and harder to reach – and therfore more and more valuable mineral resource. Clean drinking water supply – as a service that is becomeing increasingly difficult to maintain. These are the issues concerning certain parts of the World which ispired us to share the rights to abstract water via a community too. Watereum is a digital voucher representing an intention to purchase water in the future. In other words, the owner of the token has the right to abstract 1 litre of water through Futuraqua’s sources if they are willing to pay the additional costs of extracting. This crypto currency was not made with the intention of gaining capital. It is a digital voucher carrying value in itself. It’s true fudnamentum is the already accessible, unearthed, clean water supply. Since the foundation of Futuraqua Mineral Water Extractor and Asset Management Nyrt. Company it has been occupied with searching for these resources and has been managing and handling


Our direct and indirect colleagues in the project
Dr Fodor István

Dr Fodor István

Member of the Futuraqua Governing Board
Heintz Valentin

Heintz Valentin

General social developer and tokenization specialist
Dobák Róbert

Dobák Róbert

WP Developer
Harsányi Domonkos

Harsányi Domonkos

Content Manager
Schubert Katinka

Schubert Katinka

English Lector, Content Manager

Privat sale

  • Start Date: May 08.
  • End Date: June 21.
  • Max: 150000000 WRM
  • Token price: $0.0001

Pre sale 1.

  • Start Date: June 22.
  • End Date: June 29.
  • Max: 150000000 WRM
  • Token price: $0.0003

Pre sale 2.

  • Start Date: June 30.
  • End Date: July 07.
  • Max: 150000000 WRM
  • Token price: $0.0006

Pre sale 3.

  • Start Date: July 08.
  • End Date: July 15.
  • Max: 150000000 WRM
  • Token price: $0.0009

Pre sale 4.

  • Start Date: July 16.
  • End Date: July 23.
  • Max: 150000000 WRM
  • Token price: $0.0012

Pre sale 5.

  • Start Date: July 24.
  • End Date: July 31.
  • Max: 150000000 WRM
  • Token price: $0.0015

Token Distribution AND Pre-SALE

Distribution and use of the value of the proceeds from the Token sale

10%Team and

55%Investment in new extraction sites

5%Security and Privacy

20%Developing Extraction Sites

and Advisors

and Marketing


Futuraqua listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange


The water rights trading system idea was born


FuturAqua's corporate social responsibility and communication is geared towards fair water distribution and organization


Developing a system of blueprints for blockchain water quota trading


The own crypto currency idea


Watereum ERC20 (WRM) generated


Developing the blueprints of the Watereum ICO

The first privat sale of WRM


05. 08. Official privat sale start


As in the pre-token period, finding new strategic partners and markets remains a top priority for the company


08. 01. ICO of Watereum start


Q4 Starting the tasks needed to extract water


Realization of plans for the acquisition of food companies related to the food industry


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Shareholders of Futuraqua Nyrt are invited to subscribe to the Token at the private sale stage. For more info please suscribe to our newsletter!